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Recital 2021-2022

Join us for an in-house recital featuring our 2021-2022 dancers!


Join us for our annual youth Recital celebrating the accomplishments of our 2021/2022 season dancers! 

Please purchase tickets for your child's class only. 

Please verify the correct class information before purchasing. 

There are no refunds or exchanges. 

All audience members require a ticket, except for babies under 2 years old.


Will I be able to video the performance?

Yes. We will have a professional videographer and photographer capturing the performance, however, you are welcome to take your own photos and videos, as long as you follow these rules:  No flash photography, no noisy cameras, no blocking anyone’s view and no moving/walking around to video. 


When should my dancer eat breakfast/lunch? 

It is best to eat at least 1.5 - 2 hours before a performance. Please bring a light snack if your dancer is in multiple numbers and will be at the studio for several hours. 


What can I bring for my dancer after the show to celebrate them?

Performers typically get flowers after a performance. Flowers are a way of showing support and honouring your dancer’s performance. This is optional, but a very nice gesture that adds to a dancer’s experience!  Flowers will NOT be sold on site this year.


Do I need a print out of my ticket or is showing the ticket on my phone good enough?

Tickets on your phone are accepted. Each person watching the show must have their own digital ticket that will be scanned upon entry.


Will tickets be sold on the day of the show in case I want to buy more? 

No. All tickets must be purchased in advance. 


What do I do with my dancer’s costume after the recital is over?

Many costumes can be repurposed and reused. Depending on the costume, some can be worn as regular clothing/attire, some can be worn to dance class again as a dance uniform, and some can be used as Halloween costumes or dress up/play. Dancers generally keep their costumes for years to come as they bring wonderful memories.


Will there be someone to check my child's costume before they go onstage to make sure all pieces are there and being worn properly, or is this my responsibility? 

Yes. This is the job of the teachers.


Am I allowed in the backstage holding area?

No. The studio is not large enough to hold dancers, teachers, assistants and parents. Parents must drop off their dancer in the care of their instructor 30 min before their showtime. Dancers will be in the studio a total of 45 min, from drop-off to completion of their performance. 


If my dancer is in multiple performances, will there be a place for them to change into their next costume? 

Yes. The washrooms and change rooms will be open for dancers who need to change. We ask that dancers change into their next costume, then proceed to the front doors to start the check-in process over again at their specific call time. 


If there is a lot of time in between my dancer’s performances, can I wait in the studio?

No. We ask that you wait outside the building if there is a long wait time between dance numbers.  With all the performers, audience members, and regular adult dance classes that are happening that day, the studios and waiting areas will already be crowded and we don’t want to congest the common areas more than necessary.


Is my child allowed to go to the washroom alone? 

No. All students will be escorted to restrooms by a teacher or a CDC staff member.


Where do I pick up my child after the recital?  

After each performance is complete, children will exit the stage area with their parents/guardians.


Are tickets assigned seating?

No. There are 60 seats per performance and seating is on a first come-first serve basis.


If dancers would like to attend a show they are not performing in, do they have to buy a ticket? 

Yes. All audience members over the age of 2 must purchase a ticket to watch the show. 

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