All program updates will be sent through email. Please keep an updated email address on file. You can also stay updated through our Instagram account @citydancekids and Facebook account @CDC-Youth-Program.

Class changes are subject to the approval of our Program Director and to space availability. If you wish to transfer or change classes please email youth@citydancecorps.com. We will try our very best to accommodate you. City Dance Corps reserves the right to deny transfers if we feel the quality of the class and the student's progression will be compromised.  If your child is placed in a dance class by the teacher, it is because the teacher believes it is the best option for your child’s dance education, transfers will not be permitted in this case. All transfers must be requested no later than 3 weeks after date of enrollment.

Dancers in our annual dance program ages 6 - 16 will perform in an annual recital. All performers will be required to purchase a costume that will be due in Term 2. The costume fee is $125+hst.  



Get 5% off enrollment on additional classes. Applicable to the class of lesser value. 

City Dance Corps is not responsible for any lost personal items, including but not limited to: jewelry, clothing, shoes, school books, etc. Please help us return lost items to you by labeling every item that comes into the studio. Please note that we clear out the lost and found on a monthly basis.

Information on year-end recital will be released in Term 2. Participation in recital will require enrollment Term 3.

To participate in a Level 2 class, students must be enrolled in a minimum of two classes per week. The reason for this policy is to elevate the technical level of students wishing to take dance beyond a recreational level. Advanced technique, strong fundamentals and elevated artistry and movement can only be developed and achieved by studying dance more frequently than one hour per week. To be in a Level 2 class indicates that the student wants to be challenged, wants to study dance further and take it more seriously and wants to grow stronger in their dance form. Taking more than one class/week to grow into an advanced dancer is basic industry practice. Please note, that the student’s second class can either be any of our other Level 2 classes (dependent on instructor's recommendations) or any of our Level 1 classes. The second class can either be within the same dance form, or completely different to their first class choice. We recommend taking classes in a different dance form in order to build a well-rounded dancer.

To participate in RAD examinations, students must be enrolled in a minimum of two Ballet classes per week.

City Dance Corps takes no responsibility for any actions relating to the COVID-19 pandemic. In the event of a forced shutdown or interruption to our classes, we will transition all remaining classes in the term to a virtual platform. No refunds will be provided as all services will continue online.

Due to our strict COVID-19 safety protocols, late arrivals to class will not be permitted into the studio.



City Dance Corps does not provide or permit makeup lessons for students, nor provide any credits or refunds for missed lessons.

Students are allowed to participate in one trial pass enrolling in the Term. Get 1 week of unlimited dance classes for $30. Classes must be reserved in advance, due to class capacity limitations. There will be no walk-ins.  All registration will be pro-rated once a dancer enrols in the program after a trial pass. 

In the event of an emergency that may affect our classes (snow storms, evacuations, power outages, pandemics) information will be shared with parents via:

Instagram @citydancekids

Youth Newsletter will be sent by email

Website: www.citydancecorpsyouth.com

If applicable, parent/guardians or emergency contact numbers of children on the premises will be contacted.

City Dance Corps is adhering to all the safety protocols outlined in the Ontario Performing Dance Arts COVID-19 Safety Protocols.


Our program runs from September 12, 2022 to June 10, 2023. To participate in the Year-End Recital, dancers must participate in all three terms. Parent & Tot classes do not participate in the Year-End Recital.

Registration fee of $25.00 is NON-refundable.



Refund requests must be requested on or before October 15, 2022. A withdrawal fee of $50 will be charged and a pro-rated refund of the Term 1 payment will be made. No refunds after October 15, 2022. Registration fee of $25.00 is NON-refundable.

Refund requests
must be requested on or before October 15, 2022. A withdrawal fee of $50 will be charged and a pro-rated refund of the Term 1 payment will be made. No refunds after October 15, 2022. Registration fee of $25.00 is NON-refundable.

Refund requests
must be requested on or before January 30, 2023. A withdrawal fee of $50 will be charged and a pro-rated refund of the Term 2 payment will be made. No refunds after January 30, 2023. Registration fee of $25.00 is NON-refundable.

There will be NO refunds granted for Term 3. All withdrawals due to injury must have a doctor’s note submitted to the program coordinator. Registration fee of $25.00 is NON-refundable.

Camps and summer courses are final sale and non-refundable.




Drop off: Parents drop off children in the lobby that corresponds with the room your child's class is happening in. 

Pick up at the front desk/main entrance way. 

Please do not come back to the studio door for pick up. All dancers will be brought to the front desk for dismissal.


Drop off: Front Desk/Main entrance way

Pick up: Front Desk/Main entrance way

Please do not come back to the studio door for pick up. All dancers will be brought to the front desk for dismissal.


- Upon entering the studio, a positive and professional attitude is expected from all students and parents.

-Parents and students are to keep the volume down in the common areas.

- Consistency is key! Students are expected to be in class every week.

- Students must arrive 10 minutes early to class and be picked up within 10 minutes after the class.

- Parents are required to contact the studio should their child be absent from class.

- All students must abide by the dress code.

- Profanity, unsportsmanlike conduct, or gossip about fellow students will not be tolerated.

- Cell phones are not permitted to be on while class is in progress.

- While class is in session, parents are not allowed to open the dance room doors and must refrain from crowding the viewing windows as it is very disruptive to the dancers.

- Only water is permitted into the studios. No other food, drink or gum is permitted in the studios.

- We have change rooms that provide an area for students to change for class. Changing in the front desk area is not permitted. Please be aware of updated COVID-19 policies that may affect change rooms.

- Please do not leave shoes or clothes on change room floors.

- Outdoor shoes are to be left at the designated shoe rack areas. Other items that are too big for hooks are to be tucked under the benches.

- Fathers changing daughters and mothers changing sons may use the gender neutral washrooms.

- Parents and students are not allowed to stand behind the reception desk.

- Parents, please remind students to clean up after themselves, keep the change room areas clean, and respect studio property.

- City Dance Corps has an Anti-Harrassment and an Anti-Racism Policy in place and does not stand for any ill treatment of any human being who enters our doors.

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