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The Youth Performance Company


Monday | September 11, 2023
5pm - 7pm | CDC Studios - 950 Dupont St. Toronto

Calling all avid dancers, ages 11 - 16, who love to dance and love being part of a team! The Youth Performance Company (YPC) is a dance company dedicate to dancers who have enjoyed dance more seriously than a recreational dancer. 

The audition will consist of dancers learning two short routines in a classroom setting, and then dancing those routines for the choreographers/judges to assess.  Dance level is important, but even more important is the dancers ability to focus, try their best, and keep a positive attitude!


For aspiring dancers, ages 11 - 16, the YPC is a training and performing company that learns from the city's best educators/choreographers in the field of dance. 

We teach professionalism, dedication, and community values through a welcoming, non-judgemental and safe environment. 

We encourage the individual artistry of each dancer. 

We provide performance opportunities beyond yearly recitals. From concept videos to the stage, our YPC members get a full range of experiences. 

Whether the dancer choose to pursue a career in dance or not as they become young adults, the values and lessons learned as being part of a dance troup will follow them throughout the rest of their lives. 


The members of the YPC must be available for weekly mandatory rehearsals on:​

Mondays, 5pm - 7pm

Fridays, 5pm - 6pm

One additional class per week is mandatory and this secondary class must be one of the classes in our youth program. Recommended secondary classes are:

  • Jazz and Athletics

    • Ages 14-16

  • Jazz Combo Level 2

    • Ages 11 - 13​

    • Ages 14 - 16

In addition to weekly rehearsals, dancers will have 3 seminars throughout the year aimed to inform and develop positive and healthy habits such as goal setting, positive body image and more. 


Jasmine Bentivoglio - YPC Director

Dear parents, guardians & dancers,


My name is Jasmine, and I am thrilled to be the Youth Performance Company Director here at City Dance Corps. My focus this year is to help these dancers learn so much more than just technique, we will be deep diving into the elements of dance, story telling, new styles and artistry. It is my goal to give these dancers the tools and skills that are necessary to take their dancing to a whole new level. As a teacher and a mentor I aim to always create a class environment that is welcoming, supportive, positive and fun! I am looking forward to all the performances and opportunities that await these dancers this upcoming season and hope you are too! Let's Dance! 

With appreciation,

Jasmine Bentivoglio

Keeping Toronto moving since 2002. 

Dance more. Live more.

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950 Dupont Street

Toronto, ON M6H 1Z2



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