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One-on-one coaching

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Personalized Instruction

Individual coaching allows for tailored instruction that meets the specific needs and goals of the dancer. The instructor can focus on areas that need improvement and provide customized feedback, helping the dancer progress more quickly and effectively. Whether your child is preparing for an audition, competition or simply wants to learn at their own pace, these lessons are great.

Focused Attention

With the instructor's undivided attention, the dancer receives immediate corrections and detailed guidance on technique, alignment, and performance quality. This level of focus can lead to a deeper understanding and mastery of dance concepts.

Enhanced Confidence

One-on-one sessions create a safe environment for dancers to express themselves, ask questions, and make mistakes without the pressure of peers. This can boost their confidence and encourage them to take risks and push their boundaries.

Flexibility and Adaptability

Private coaching sessions can be scheduled at convenient times and can be adjusted to the dancer’s pace of learning. The instructor can also adapt the curriculum to address specific challenges or prepare the dancer for auditions, competitions, or performances.

How to book




Have a phone consultation with our Program Coordinator to decide on the best instructor.


Book your one-on-one coaching sessions with the instructor recommended.

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