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Joining a dance studio for the first time is exciting. However, having to learn the ins and outs of a new environment, all while getting your child ready and excited for class can be stressful.  Here are some tips we put together to help new parents navigate dance studio environments. 

TIP #1

Transitions can be hard

Starting dance class in a new environment can be hard for kids. You may see these behaviour show up as resistance, avoidance, distraction, anger, shyness, or full blown melt downs. Patience and consistency is key here. Dancers will eventually learn to trust their new dance class environment, as long as they keep showing up. Some kids will take longer than others to get used to it and that's ok too! Keep showing up with lots of hugs and cuddles.

TIP #2

Pack for success

Pack a dance bag with all dance essentials. Have extra hair accessories, elastics, sewing kit, snacks, extra clothes and anything else for that 'just in case' scenario.


Make sure to label everything as well!

TIP #3

Trust the experts

Your child's dance teacher has experience and expertise. Trust that they know what they are doing! They will know when the dancers can be pushed extra hard in class, or when to take it easy.

TIP #4

Support your child's journey

Dance is a journey that each kid will find their own magic through. If you've always dreamt of them becoming a ballerina, but they love Tap instead, then let it be. Be supportive and encouraging as they discover their own passion!  Sometimes kids will want to quit. Parents will need to use their intuitive ninja skills to know the difference between when the child is having an off day or just extra tired and when the request to quit is coming from a different place.

TIP #5

Learn the ins & outs of the dance studio

As a parent who is new to a dance studio environment, there may be things that you are also not used to yet. Like any other sport, dance comes with a long established set of rules, expectations, and culture. Learning the 'dance studio' culture and respecting it will help your child transition into a new environment more successfully. Read the handbook that offers codes of conduct and dancer expectations.

TIP #6

Support and encourage

Always support and encourage your little dancers after class and ask questions to get them to open up. The more positive experiences they have, the more their confidence will soar.

TIP #7

Be prepared

Arriving on time with the correct uniform will help your child feel mentally and physically prepared for class each time.

TIP #8


Speak to your child's dance teacher often and read all studio communications. The more you connect, the more you will know that your child's dance teacher is a caring partner in your child's success!

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